Getting to 125th Street


Both the 2 and 3 trains are Seventh Avenue express lines. Starting at different points in Brooklyn the 2 & 3 trains run express along Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, the trains then take different direction with the 3 trains last stop being 148th Street in Harlem and the 2 trains last stop being Wakefield 241st street in the Bronx

Location : 125th Street @ Lenox Avenue

125th Street Subway Station – A, B, C & D Line

The A train is the Eighth Avenue Express running from Brooklyn to Inwood-207th street Manhattan. The C train is the Eighth Avenue local running from Brooklyn to 168th Street in Manhattan and the B line is the Sixth Avenue express that runs from Brooklyn to Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx

Location : 125th Street @ St. Nicholas

125th Street Subway Station – 4, 5 & 6 Lines

Starting at different points in Brooklyn the 4 & 5 trains run express along Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The 4 train runs from Brooklyn, through Midtown East, East Harlem and last stop is Woodlawn in the Bronx. The 5 train runs from Brooklyn through Midtown East, East Harlem and its last stop is Eastchester / Dyre Avenue in the Bronx. The 6 train is the Lexington Avenue local that starts at the Brooklyn Bridge station in lower Manhattan and its last stop is Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.

Location: East 125th Street @ Lexington Avenue


The M60 departs from the 106 & Broadway terminal, travels through 125th street to LaGuardia Airport (all terminals).

The M100 Local travels from 200 Street & Broadway in Inwood through 125th Street to 2nd Avenue. No overnight service.

Starting in Washington Heights – W. 193rd Street & St. Nicholas Avenue, the M101 travels through 125th Street to 8th Street & 3rd Avenue.
Local buses do NOT operate while Limited Stop Service runs.
Limited Stop Service runs daily except overnight.

The Bx15 is a local service bus traveling from 125th Street & 12th Avenue to Fordham Plaza & Railroad Station via 125th Street & 3rd Avenue.

The M103 at E.125th Street & Lexington travels to Park Row & Broadway, City Hall. Northbound it travels on 8th Avenue, Broadway, while Southbound it travels Broadway, 7th Avenue.

The M104 departs from W.129th St. & Amsterdam Avenue towards Times Square 42nd Street via 8th Avenue, Broadway northbound and Broadway, 7th Avenue southbound.


On the West Side is Riverside Drive and Broadway, and to the east, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive (which becomes the Harlem River Drive) provides the most direct link to downtown Manhattan. The George Washington Bridge, Triboro Bridge, and Willis Avenue Bridge are within minutes of Central Harlem. The highway network connects Manhattan to New Jersey, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and all points north.