Sanitation and Street Maintenance

125th Street Clean Team

The 125th Street BID Clean Team provides supplemental cleaning services that free up time for business owners to operate their businesses.
The crew provides street cleaning services from 7:00am- 7:00pm, weekdays and weekends.

The 125th Street BID contracts with the Atlantic Maintenance Company to provide street cleaning of pedestrian litter. The Clean Team sweeps the sidewalks, curbs, and streets and empties trash receptacles. The pedestrian litter is collected into trash bags branded with the 125th Street BID logo and is placed at designated points throughout the district for pick up by the Department of Sanitation. The Department of Sanitation conducts pickups at least twice a day. The Clean Team also cleans and maintains much of the street furniture on 125th Street.

Sanitation and Street Maintenance — Improving the Pedestrian Expereince