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125th Street Business Improvement District
Welcomes You to 125th Street

We are excited that you are joining the 125th Street Business Improvement District Community.​

All property owners, commercial tenants, or residents on 125th Street between Fifth and Morningside Avenues are members and should update their membership with the BID on a yearly basis. ​

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New Benefits for You

125th Street BID is excited to announce a new offering that will be a significant benefit to you.

The BID has formed a strategic partnership with Logical Position, a premier digital marketing agency, to bring value to our member businesses and partners by increasing businesses’ online presence through search engine optimization (SEO). ​

How it works​

Utilizing a 12-month editorial calendar that is provided by the 125th Street BID, the writing staff at Logical Position will produce high-quality and unique articles to be published on the BID’s website.

These single-use articles will contain a natural, contextual, and factual hyperlink to a member of the 125th Street Business Improvement District which will drive traffic to the member’s website.

By including links within the content, the credibility of the cited websites is strengthened in the eyes of Google and other search engines, which leads to more Internet exposure and qualified traffic to the perspective websites.

All businesses located on 125th Street between Morningside and Fifth Avenue are member of the BID.​
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