125th Street Multi-Agency Coordination

125th Street Multi-Agency Coordination (125 MAC)
A Recovery and Revitalization Initiative

Lead by Deputy Mayor Phillip Banks, the 125th Street Multi-Agency Coordination formalizes the on city’s on-the-street response to problems and challenges that are eroding the viability of our commercial districts. Identified agencies that have legal responsibilities to address conditions in the public realm (public safety, homelessness, mental illness, drug dealing, sanitation) will work in a coordinated fashion and develop a neighborhood specific model for correction, maintenance and growth.

Informal arrangements and working relationships already exist. This information sharing effort establishes a system with procedures. It brings together the agencies at any level with businesses, residents, and community organizations in a coordinated effort to facilitate decisions and develop new strategies for overall public safety and revitalization.

Work has already begun
· Transit has begun to address double parking
· Street vendors are being educated about the rules for vending
· 22 additional officers have been placed on 125th Street between St. Nicholas and Park Avenue.
· Strategy meetings have begun to coordinate health agencies
· NYPD and Sanitation are working together to address garbage problems.
· A Storefront Collaborative Partnership Center has been established at 66 West 125th Street

125th Street and Lenox Avenue has many problems that need immediate response from several different agencies. The storefront identified is located right in the middle of the one of the biggest problem area on the street. This storefront is a visual presence of the partnership and allows continual assessment of revitalization and immediate response to the conditions observed. The storefront will be available for agencies to coordinated activities to prioritize incidents and effectively allocate scare resources.

The collaborative Partnership includes:
· District Attorney’s Office
· Department of Homeless Services
· Department of Sanitation
· 125th Street Business Improvement District
· Department of Consumer Affairs
· Department of Health and Hospitals
· Department of Health & Hygiene
· Parks
· Department of Transportation
· Department of Buildings