Cable Bill Payments

Charter Will Not Terminate Service for Residential and Small Business Customers

Residents of the Harlem Community that are now unemployed contacted Assemblywoman Dickens with concerns that they may not be able to pay for their cable bill in the very near future if they do not return to work.

Dickens contacted Charter to get an understanding of their practice and for them to make recommendations.  They were most receptive and she is appreciative of their response and the actions that they are taking. 

See Response below:

This is the info we received from Spectrum.


Thank you for reaching out.  The situation you’re describing is not lost on us at Charter. We recognize how challenging this time is for the residents of New York, many of which are our customers and employees. 


To that end, Charter will not terminate service for residential or small business customers who face difficult economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, Charter will not charge late fees for those customers facing difficult economic circumstances related to the pandemic. Customers impacted should call our customer service number at (800) 892-4357.


Also of interest may be that Charter is offering Spectrum Internet up to 100 Mbps for FREE, including in-home Wi-Fi, to new subscriber households with teachers or K-12 or college students for 60 days.  A free self-installation kit will be provided to new student and teacher households.  Should you have constituents who may be interested in this program, please have them call 1-844-488-8395 to enroll. In addition to this, our current Spectrum Internet Assistance program for low income families is also available to those who qualify, these customers would also receive two months free followed by the discounted rate.  I’ve attached a flyer about this program for more information. 


Should you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.