In today’s day and age, it seems that everything can be found on the Internet. But in the case of one couple from New York City, their important information has ended up in stranger’s hands and they are nowhere to be found.

Megan Kapsidis of Sierra Vista, Arizona was renovating her home with her husband when she noticed something unusual in the insulation of her ceiling. She had her husband Bobby crawl up through the ceiling and in the typically closed-off crawl space he found a box containing a 1963 wedding album of a couple who got married in New York. Unfortunately, their contact information isn’t anywhere to be found.

The lovebirds, Marguerite and Joseph Gargiulo, were married on September 14, 1963 at the St. Thomas Apostle Church on 87th street. The reception was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 121, which is still standing today. The album is embossed with the words “Our Children’s Wedding” so the Kapsidis believe the album must belong to either the bride or groom’s parents who have moved away.

Inside the album was a phone number, but when Kapsidis called, the number was disconnected. There was also a Florida address, but the residents had no idea who the album belonged to.

Considering that the average wedding has 165 guests, Kapsidis turned to Facebook to see if either the bride or groom, or any of their guests, would be able to recognize the 54-year-old pictures. So far, she has received thousands of messages, and only one lead looks promising.

Kapsidis is dedicated to finding the bride, or at least someone who was close to the family and attended the wedding. She is positive about the power of social media, so while 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, she hopes her story will go viral.

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to find her, if not, her family. I have a lead that she’s two towns north of where we are now. I’d like to return it and maybe hear a little bit about her wedding day if she’s willing to talk about it.”

Additionally, Kapsidis stresses the importance of finding someone who can return these special memories back to the rightful owners, simply because this may be all they have.

So hopefully, in this case, social media will be able to bring together the two women, who were married in seemingly different worlds, 50 years apart.