In just a few short years, New York City is going to be home to a brand new tech hub on 14th Street in Union Square. The building, which formerly held electronics and appliances for consumers from PC Richards and Sons, will be converted to a tech center by 2020.

The new center will create around 600 new jobs, functioning as a digital training center for NYC’s growing market of online advertising and media.

Many partners have already signed up to support this new tech center, the likes of which include the New York City Foundation for Computer Science Education, Coalition for Queens, FedCap, Code to Work, and many more. All of these partners seek to make education in technology more available to the citizens of NYC.

The purpose of this new tech hub is exactly that — to make education in technology and digital media easier to reach for people. Whether they are seeking training or to start up their own company, this hub promises to assist them in that endeavor.

This offers the chance for many new jobs and businesses to get off the ground. Considering that more than 60% of companies use the cloud — a complex network that takes a lot of training — for IT-related tasks, this hub is bound to help many people and employers better understand the technological aspect of what they wish to do with their new business.

A quickly coined term for this business is “Silicon Alley,” a play off of Silicon Valley, which houses the largest internet company to date, Google. The hub seeks to possibly create some real competition for the global search engine.

Given that around 93% of internet users begin their browsing each day with a search engine, this is no easy task. Google is the most used and most popular search engine website worldwide, and one of the largest employers in the tech industry. However, this tech hub is confident that they can give them a run for their money.

Competition aside, the opportunities given by this new tech hub, both in jobs and training for employment, seem to come at the right time. With NYC fast becoming a digital marketing epicenter, this presents a great chance for many people to get the training they need, thus continuing the forward momentum of technological innovation seen in the Big Apple. The future only knows how “Silicon Alley” will grow.