When most people see a bag from a designer store in the trash, they don’t think twice about taking it. For the society of people hunting for treasures in dumpsters all over New York City, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure, and the discarded goods inside the bags and even the bags themselves can make for a nice profit.

According to The Daily Mail, items such as dust covers, shopping bags, and hangers sell for hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay and others. A purse dust cover branded with the designer logo can be sold for as much as $150 while a simple handbag box can be purchased for $60.

While cars lead the way in the most recycled items in the United States, designer trash could be a fast-growing trend.

The New York Post recently interviewed three New York City dumpster divers to learn more about how they do what they do. Some of them are so well-known that they are greeted by employees bringing out garbage.

After losing his job in the finance industry, Andy started hunting for items to sell from the garbage found at the Chanel store’s 57th Street location. He says that people go crazy for the handbag boxes. They are often re-purposed and used in other ways.

“I’ve been told the real-estate agents, when they want to stage a home, will put them in the walk-in closet,” Andy said.

Consignment shops are also frequent buyers and use the items to “recreate the experience of a Chanel store.”

While Chanel doesn’t condone the sale of its discarded items through unapproved channels, trash picking is completely legal as long as items are not taken away by car.

The Post reports that on rare occasions, the trio may find more than just empty bags and boxes. If they’re lucky, they might come across a sample size Chanel dress, a leather Fendi jacket, a pair of Dior gloves or a Burberry purse.

But contrary to popular belief, these items don’t interest the dumpster diving group much. They are more concerned with the mundane items instead.