Botox, a cosmetic procedure used for paralyzing the facial muscles to make the skin appear younger, has also been proven to help with excessive sweating. Certified dermatologists have claimed that botox injections can do more than get rid of crow’s feet.

The same neurotransmitters that trigger the muscle movement botox paralyzes also controls sweating. Dermatologists are able to inject botox into a patient’s hands, underarms, and various other places in order to render those neurotransmitters immobile, thus drastically cutting down on sweating.

Marina Peredo, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of NYC’s Skinfluence, has stated, “You can do it for excessive sweating, but you can also just do it for the summer if you don’t want to deal with it.”

A whole host of people are becoming more invested in the idea of using botox to help with their hyperhidrosis. Seeing as how the condition most commonly occurs among people between the ages of 25 and 64 years and affects men and women equally, men of all ages are finding the treatment just as helpful as women. Many men are investing in botox injections to help with underarm sweating. This is most popular during the summer wedding season.

People of different professions are seeing the benefits of botox for hyperhidrosis as well. Psychiatrists, lawyers, and financiers are all considering botox to eliminate their sweating on the job. All three professions rely on the person being able to control their facial expressions, but sometimes, due to involuntary muscle movement, that’s not always possible.

Dara Liotta, New York City-based plastic surgeon, is quoted as saying, “You inject the jaw muscle, so people can’t see when you nervously tense.”

But the nice thing about this treatment is you don’t have to have a wedding or a particularly nerve-wracking career to benefit from the botox treatment for hyperhidrosis. It is available to anyone who struggles with this particular condition and is seeking treatment. Treatments last about six months before signs of sweating reemerge, but during that time, your excessive sweating will be virtually nonexistent.