Approximately 63% of U.S. households own a pet, but even then, there are animals who end up spending their entire lives in shelters.

One New York City animal shelter is aiming to change that, though.

This election season, Animal Care Centers of NYC launched a campaign of their own, titled “Race to the Right House,” to create a positive movement at the height of political tension.

The campaign kicked off on the day of the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this week.

According to ACC, the shelter has lowered adoption fees to $20.16 until November 8.

While the campaign offers a smile and a laugh to America as the election comes closer, it could offer much more to those animals whose adoption fees have been reduced.

Countless pets live out a portion or the majority of their lives in shelters. Even elderly pets often spend their last days in kennels.

While this campaign isn’t dealing with any type of animal — old or young — in particular, one New York woman has opened the eyes of millions to just how lovable old dogs can be.

Grace and Karen are a bonded pair of nine-year-old Chihuahuas who, until recently, were spending their days at the ASPCA’s Manhattan adoption center.

Ana Nizialek saw a photo of the pair and fell in love with the dogs immediately.

During an interview, Nizialek said that when she looked at the dogs, she didn’t see age or health. She simply saw a pair of loving dogs who needed a good home to spend the rest of their days in.

In July, Nizialek picked the dogs up and brought them to their new home in Grand Island, in Western New York.

“What attracted me most, was they looked so gentle and so sweet,” she said. “I tend to like the underdog. I am not afraid of adopting senior or older dogs. In fact, I prefer them to puppies.”

Nizialek is already the owner of four rescue dogs, and adding two more to the mix was no problem.

The two dogs have even opened up to the other dogs since their adoption. Once solely bonded to each other, Nizialek reports that the two now love socializing with the other dogs and playing, though sleeping remains their favorite activity.

It’s the hope of Animal Care Centers of NYC to provide such loving homes to animals at their shelter with their election season campaign.

Cat and dog adoptions will include necessary shots, microchipping, spaying/neutering, identification tags, and one free visit to a participating animal hospital. Rabbit adoptions will include full bunny starter kits, complete with food and extra treats.

Many of the pets available for adoption will also be going on a “campaign tour” to different pet stores and events throughout the city until the campaign ends in November.