Stay at home fathers are spending more time than ever trying to hunt down a changing table for their children. Why? They’re finding that more and more male bathrooms are not equipped with the proper child changing facilities, leaving them to either change their child’s diaper in their car, or on the bathroom floor.

This is happening even after President Obama signed the Babies Act into law back in October. Obama, himself a father, created a section in the bill that mandated baby-changing stations in both female and male restrooms within federal public buildings.

However, this still leaves restaurants and small businesses without changing tables. Stay at home Dad turned principal Jacob Smithers has decided to change just that. As a father of three, he understands how hard it is when a child needs a new diaper or set of clothes.

After experiencing a night out at a restaurant that didn’t have changing facilities in any of its restrooms, the frustrated Smithers decided to take matters into his own hands and created a mobile app to solve the problem of flustered parents everywhere. lists public locations throughout the country where parents can safely change their child. All the parent has to do is to search their location, and with a click of a button, the app will match them with a public place that has adequate changing facilities.

“We want to make sure the parents have a functional, easy app, that we’re happy with, and they can be happy with,” explained Smithers to “There aren’t any other apps that are out there right now, we keep getting told that they are in the works, we haven’t seen them yet.”

As of right now, there are 7,000 locations nationwide listed on the site, along with a mobile app for download.

With his ingenious app, Smithers will hopefully be able to help the more than 5.21 million stay at home homes and 214,000 dads find a changing table when they need it the most.