Nationwide, college graduates are struggling to find successful work, but New York City might have it the worst.

In 2015, the unemployment rate for American graduate students was 7.2%, compared with 5.5% in 2007. One of the major factors for college grads not working, especially in New York City, is the spike in interns.

According to SILive, college graduates with internship experience were offered jobs at a rate of 56.5%, compared to only 36.5% of graduates without intern experience.

“Entry-level hiring is one of the first things to go when there’s uncertainty,” said Mark DiMassimo, chief executive of DiMassimo Goldstein.

Roughly 70% of all college students admit that they would lie to get a job in this economy and 53% of their resumes contain false information.

A new program, out of Boston and New York City, found a way to combat this issue, and is working alongside recent graduates to assist college grads.

ServiceCorps, a company that partnered with General Electric and Citigroup, enables college students to delay their corporate careers to work full-time at nonprofit organizations.

“Historically, if you wanted to pursue service but you had a great job opportunity right out of college, the costs of saying no to that position were too high,” said Matt Ronen, ServiceCorps founder. “Because if you say no to Google or Goldman Sachs or whomever, they might not call back — and that means the best and brightest in our society may never have an opportunity to do long-term immersive service opportunities.”

For the most part, this program only benefits some of the top-performing college students, and allows these nonprofits to have access to these employees that they otherwise wouldn’t have attracted or afforded.

“I’m developing a lot,” said Ben Turnbull, 22, who is working at a community health center in Boston for a year before he begins his career at GE Aviation in Cincinnati. “That’s what I think will give me a leg up.”